IQRA IAS chose Kanpur over Allahabad (Prayagraj) or Lucknow, which are very well known hubs for the UPSC coachings, for the following reasons.

  1. There are many top institutes in Prayagraj and Lucknow, but we felt Kanpur doesn’t have any, and we are trying to fulfil this gap. Kanpur could be a more convenient and economical hub for UPSC preparations for the students who travel to Delhi or Prayagraj for quality education.
  2. At IQRA IAS Kanpur, we will give the Best UPSC faculties from Delhi and other parts of India. Quality, best Support and Guidance could be available to the very near, from your home town.
  3. Kanpur is already a hub of Engineering, Medical and several other competitive coachings.
  4. Kanpur city has the infrastructure and a mature industry for competitive exam preparations. The city has a lot of developed accommodation, hostel facilities and food availability, for the students. Kanpur has now working Metro of its own, which has reduced the commute time for the students considerably. IQRA’s new Kanpur centre, strategically located near the metro station, would greatly support the students.

Kanpur can be the next hub for UPSC/UPPSC, the same as KOTA for IIT. So, UPSC/UPPSC aspirants from UP, Bihar and other neighbouring states do not need to travel far for quality education. We at IQRA IAS will make your journey to UPSC a much smoother experience.